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Amazon strives to be the earth’s most customer-centric company. We deliver on that vision by creating trusted experiences and safeguarding brands and customers from fraud and abuse.

We innovate.

We are not satisfied by the status quo. We develop advanced
technology, including machine learning models, to identify and
stop bad actors and bad listings. We protect brands and customers by constantly developing, investing in and improving our protections.

We empower.

We help you register intellectual property and provide
resources, expertise and training to protect and grow your

We pursue.

We use technology and human resources to prevent, detect and
remove infringing content online, but we do not stop there. We
work with brands, law enforcement and customers across the
globe to stop bad actors in our stores and hold them
accountable for their crimes.

We persevere.

We have created best-in-class protection tools and data-powered programmes that prevent and remove infringements. Our dedicated team of investigators, engineers, data scientists, analysts and business leaders will not stop until we drive counterfeits to zero.

Use our advanced programmes to protect and build your brand

Brand Registry

Unlock a suite of tools designed to protect and build your brand, creating a better experience for customers.

Project Zero

Access the unprecedented ability to immediately remove counterfeit listings without the need to contact us.

Report a Violation

Detect and report intellectual property infringements or inaccurate listings. These reports strengthen automated protections that safeguard your brand.

IP Accelerator

Obtain intellectual property rights and expedite your access to brand building and protection benefits.

Build your brand

Use advanced brand building tools like A+ Content, Sponsored Brands, Amazon Stores and Brand
Analytics to build and grow your brand.

Not sure where to start?

Learn more about our brand protection programmes and how they work together.

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People — including machine learning scientists, software developers, and expert investigators – who were dedicated to protecting customers, brands, selling partners, and our store from counterfeit, fraud, and other forms of abuse.



Bad actor attempts to create new selling accounts stopped by Amazon in 2023, stopping them before they were able to list a single product for sale in our store.



Of suspected infringing listings stopped by Amazon's proactive controls before a brand ever had to find and report them.

Let’s protect and grow your
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